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I created a tutorial for my Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages course. This course is designed to teach students the principles of style and design through the use of various content management systems, HTML/CSS and creative software.

I used the Quicktime player on a Mac computer to create the tutorial. Quicktime is a multimedia program capable of handling video, graphics, music, animation and sound. The software program was released by Apple in 2009. My screen and cursor were recorded at the same time as my voice. I demonstrated how to schedule a WordPress blog post.

I wrote six stories that were published on Auburn Family’s website. After they were published, I posted them on my WordPress blog. Pre-scheduling blog posts is a great way to space them out, so you don’t post too many at once.

WordPress is an open-sourced content management system created in 2003. It can be used as a personal blog, portfolio or website. The system has a YOAST SEO plugin with many features like focus keyword testing and Google search result snippet previews. The plugin allows users to increase their readers’ engagement and attract visitors from social media, as well as from Google and Bing.

Project Details
Tutorial: WordPress
Date: Fall 2017
Course: Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages
Category: Video, Animation