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I worked with a group to create a survey research project for my Survey Research for Public Relations course. This course works on identifying, characterizing and evaluating stakeholder groups and alternative channels of communication. Formal research procedures include sampling, instrument design, data processing, analysis and reporting.

My survey research project was conducted for the Opelika Chamber of Commerce, or the OCOC. The purpose of the OCOC is to promote commercial and civic interests of the city of Opelika while fostering economic and business success to maximize member involvement. The OCOC has over 200 events, programs and advertising opportunities for its members.

First, we met with the OCOC president to determine what her hopes were for the survey and to learn more about the organization. We wanted to fully understand our audience before we began creating a survey.

The OCOC has four different publications, as well as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We created a survey about the members’ opinions on the OCOC’s social media and publications using Qualtrics, a research software program. The survey consisted of multiple choice, semantic differential, inventory, Likert-type scale, paired comparison, open-ended and close-ended questions. Our responses provided a variety of answers from a wide range of people, which gave our group useful information.

Once we created a survey, we sent it out to the members of the OCOC. After gathering and analyzing the responses, we created a report, which detailed the members’ thoughts about the OCOC’s publications and social media. Lastly, we gave recommendations for ways we thought the OCOC could improve.

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Project Details
Survey Research: Opelika Chamber of Commerce
Date: Spring 2017
Course: Survey Research Methods for Public Relations
Category: Research, Analysis