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I created a magazine for my Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages course. This course is designed to teach students the principles of style and design through the use of various content management systems, HTML/CSS and creative software.

The magazine is composed of my weekly writing samples for the publication Auburn Family whose audience is prospective students. I also included stories that I wrote while I was an intern at the Office of Communications and Marketing for Auburn University. I used six of my stories in Auburn Niche, my 16-page magazine. I titled my magazine Auburn Niche because all of my stories have the theme of people finding their passion. For all of my stories, I brainstormed ideas, interviewed current or former Auburn students and wrote the articles. I also interviewed and received quotes from people who had relationships with the person my article was featuring. Creating this magazine gave me the opportunity to strengthen my writing skills and learn how to communicate effectively with others.

I created Auburn Niche in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. For the cover of the magazine, I used a photo of the iconic Samford Hall and edited it in Photoshop. For my text color, I used the official colors of Auburn University. Auburn Niche is in primary orange, hex: #dd550c, and Finding Purpose on the Plains is in secondary orange, hex: #f68026. I also used the official Auburn font of Myriad Pro Bold and the official letter spacing of -40.

My magazine has a letter from the editor, a table of contents and six of my stories.


Project Details
Magazine: Auburn Niche
Date: Fall 2017
Course: Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages
Category: Design, Writing