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I created an animated GIF for my Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages course. This course is designed to teach students the principles of style and design through the use of various content management systems, HTML/CSS and creative software.

The animated GIF shows Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performing with Ed Sheeran. I’m an avid Jimmy Fallon fan, and I love when he and The Roots perform with various artists. I thought he and the group would be perfect subjects for my animated GIF. I wanted it to show a large group of people instead of just one person, so there would be a lot happening at once. In the video, each person is playing a different instrument, providing much to work with.

I started by watching videos on Youtube of Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, so I could pick which one to use. After selecting my video, I watched it a few times to select my favorite part. Once I selected frames, I edited the video in Adobe Photoshop. I chose the speed and amount of time between the frames. I wanted my animated GIF to flow nicely. I decided for my video to loop continuously, so my viewers wouldn’t have to restart it. Lastly, I exported the layers as a GIF.

Animated GIFs are often used for brands to market. Creating animated GIFs are a fun and creative way to add content to a message and entice readers. Animated GIFs are often used in emails, blog posts and on social media.

Project Details
Animated Gif: Jimmy Fallon and The Roots
Date: Fall 2017
Course: Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages
Category: Design